NHS Treatments Provided

An overview of our NHS dentist services in the West Midlands

If you are searching for a dependable NHS dentist in the West Midlands, Bhandal Dental Practice is the only name you need to know. All of our dental clinics in the region offer treatments through the NHS. This means that people belonging to certain groups – such as patients under 18 years of age, expectant and nursing mothers, or people on particular benefits – can receive free dental treatments at Bhandal Dental Practice.

About Us NHS Patient Information
Welcoming NHS and private patients alike

Remember, Bhandal Dental Practice prides itself on its all-inclusive approach, welcoming patients who are on the NHS as well all those who are on a private dental scheme. We accept patients of all ages, backgrounds and histories, taking the time to get to know every one of our patients on an individual level. Whatever your budget, concerns or needs, you can count on our friendly dental professionals to tailor the perfect treatment plan for you. We can even provide a mobile dental service for our patients who are housebound or in a care home or hospital. Our whole team is here to help you get the dazzling smile you have always dreamed of!

NHS Dental Charges
Your treatment costs explained

The charge you pay depends on the treatment that you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy. All charges apply to an overall course of treatment, and not the individual items within the course of treatment. You will only have to pay one charge for each course of treatment – even if you need to visit your dentist more than once to finish it. If you require further treatment within the same charge band (for example, an additional filling) within two months of completing a course of treatment, you do not have to pay anything extra.

You do not have to pay to have your dentures repaired, for having stitches out, or if your dentist has to stop blood loss. Please be advised that if you are issued a prescription and you normally pay for your prescriptions, you will pay the usual charge when you collect your medicine from the pharmacist.

You may need to pay all, or some, of your treatment costs before you start a course of treatment. We kindly advise you to always ask the practice for a receipt of the amount you have paid.


Whether you want NHS treatment or private dental treatment, we strive to offer you quality dental care
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