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Save £1000

Save £1000 on Invisalign at Bhandal Finesse Cosmetic Dentists serving Brierley Hill

As an individual seeking a top notch Invisalign teeth aligning treatment, you are in for a treat with all the free bonuses listed underneath. Dr Raghav Kumar at Bhandal Finesse Cosmetic Dentists is a Diamond Invisalign dentist who has more than a decade of experience delivering cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics for his patients.



On Invisalign aligners


Smile Assessment & Clinical Examination


upon completion of treatment


iTero 3D Scan & outcome visualisation


Teeth Whitening With Invisalign




Home based dental monitoring using ScanBox and mobile phone


50% discount on Teeth Whitening top-ups


50% discount on Composite Bonding to give your teeth new shape or form



We are passionate about your smile and provide a caring and uncompromising quality treatment


Virtual Consultation With Dr. Raghav Kumar

For residents of Brierley Hill, Dr Raghav Kumar is offering a FREE online virtual consultation. He is a cosmetic dentist and an Orthodontist at Bhandal Finesse Cosmetic Dentists.

In a bright place at home, you can take some photos of your smile and send them over. We guide you with simple directions on how to create your smile photos with your mobile phone.

Dr Kumar will review your smile images to assess if you are suited to receive an Invisalign treatment. He can put together a custom treatment plan and go through it with you. To start your Invisalign treatment will then be your own decision.

Get started today. All you require is your mobile phone.

Dr. Raghav Kumar is an Orthodontist who has helped thousands of patients over the course of his more than a decade-long dental career. In the field of orthodontics, he frequently instructs and trains other dentists. Dr. Kumar has been awarded Diamond Status as an Invisalign provider in recognition of his significant contributions to the field.

What is it about Invisalign that makes it so popular?

  • Invisalign aligners are inconspicuous and almost unnoticeable aligners that are both aesthetically and socially acceptable.
  • Invisalign is equally good as traditional braces for simple to complex tooth misalignment, from underbites to crossbites, and from spacing to deep bites.
  • Fewer dental appointments are required — usually around once every 6-8 weeks.
  • For protection during sports and to prevent teeth grinding at night, Invisalign aligners can be used as a protective device and mouthguard replacement.
  • Why Our dental hygienist recommends the removable aligners? Because they let you brush and floss your teeth normally.
  • Invisalign can assist you in achieving a healthy bite and straight teeth.
  • When compared to traditional braces, it’s nearly painless, and there’s no risk of sharp brackets breaking and inflicting harm.
  • With Clin-Check technology, you can see the treatment’s effects step by step even before you start!
  • In terms of cost, Invisalign is similar to traditional cosmetic braces. We also provide interest-free credit to meet your monthly budget.


As developing a confident and attractive smile takes time, effort, and dedication, it’s essential to assure that your new smile lasts after your Invisalign treatment is completed and that you don’t experience any relapses.

After Invisalign treatment, retainers are worn to prevent teeth from sliding back and also act as a protective device, comparable to a mouthguard.

What are the benefits of using Retainers?

To determine the exact measurement of your teeth, Retainers are custom-made using an impression or a computerised 3D scan. They’re made using the same cutting-edge technology used in Invisalign aligners. They are well-fitting and really comfortable.

Retainers are comprised of a material that is stronger than aligners. This prevents the teeth from shifting and keeps them in the same position as they were before the surgery. Retainers are more durable, with a lower risk of cracking or breaking.

FREE Dental Monitoring From Your Home

You will receive a ScanBox to attach to your smartphone, which helps us to remotely monitor your treatment progress. We install a free app on your smartphone. This reduces the number of visits to us during your Invisalign treatment.

The ScanBox is the most secure and convenient way to send an accurate tooth scan to Dr Raghav Kumar from your home in Brierley Hill, office or anywhere else.

Dr. Kumar will review your images and certify that your Invisalign treatment is developing as expected without the need for further office visits. Dr. Kumar will offer advice either through the app or over the phone.

Photo time lapse technology, which shows you how your teeth are moving toward your desired position, can then be used to track the progress of your treatment over time.

For your safety and convenience, we give you this advanced remote dental monitoring service at NO EXTRA CHARGE with your Invisalign treatment from our practice.


An investment in your smile can not only improve it, but will also increase your confidence, self-esteem, and provide you a lot of joy!

The cost of Invisalign is dictated by your current dental situation, the amount of work required, and the number of Invisalign aligner trays required to repair your smile. It also depends on whether you need treatment for just one arch or for both the upper and lower arches. We can purchase Invisalign at a reduced cost as a major dental practise and pass the savings on to our patients.

We work with a finance company that offers a credit facility with a monthly payment plan that aims to stay within your monthly budget by spreading the payment with an interest-free credit for up to 12 months and an extended-term credit for up to 5 years to help keep the investment affordable for our patients.
As a result, your monthly treatment charge may be as little as £49!

We have some fantastic choices for you to meet your needs with various Invisalign treatment bundles that we may put together for you. Ask us for more details.


Once we work out the final treatment plan after taking your digital scans by using the latest 3D computer imaging technology, we are able to determine which level of treatment is needed to achieve the desired smile. Investments vary depending upon the severity of each case.

  • Simple
  • Moderate
  • Advanced
  • Complex

*The dentist will recommend the treatment based on assessment. Check out for our exclusive offer while speaking with the coordinator. Terms & Conditions Apply.


Have a burning question about Invisalign or a simple inquiry?

To contact us, simply dial the Invisalign Hotline number listed on this page. SMS, WhatsApp, and phone calls can all be used to contact the Invisalign Hotline. We will respond as soon as possible during normal business hours. We can provide you with the necessary information and assist you in resolving any Invisalign-related issues.

We recommend that you take advantage of our FREE online virtual consultation to obtain information specific to your dental issue. Simply take a few selfies with your phone and email them to us. After receiving your smile images, our Invisalign-approved dental practitioner will provide you with appropriate feedback.

The decision to proceed is then entirely up to you, and you can do so on your own timetable.

Interest-Free Financing is Available!

We are glad to offer 0% APR and low-interest financing solutions for Invisalign and other cosmetic dentistry procedures to our clientele.

We recognise that individuals desiring high-quality dental care must be financially able to do so. To begin, we offer a complimentary, no-obligation initial consultation. This helps you to learn more about us and to make an informed decision about the dental treatment that is right for you. We offer 0% financing on dental procedures such as Invisalign. A third-party credit company provides the funding.


Schedule your FREE first VIRTUAL Consultation today to take advantage of this offer.

Dr. Raghav Kumar is offering a VIRTUAL consultation that is completely free and without obligation. Based on your smiling photographs that you upload using your smartphone for the virtual consultation, you will understand how Invisalign can offer you a beautiful new smile, confirm price, and learn about the Invisalign treatment process. Any inquiries you may have will be answered by Dr. Kumar. You can see for yourself how Invisalign can help you attain your ideal smile by looking at case studies and testimonials from past patients. Before commencing treatment, you will receive a personalised Treatment Plan that will provide you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about moving forward and achieving the beautiful smile you’ve always desired.

To get started on your route to a beautiful new smile, schedule a FREE, no-obligation initial VIRTUAL Consultation now. All you need is a smartphone and a peaceful location at home to take your pictures for your smile.

Your new smile in 3 simple steps with Invisalign



Start with a free virtual Invisalign consultation and a few smile shots taken directly via your phone. Dr. Raghav Kumar will review your smile images for free to determine whether an Invisalign treatment could help you accomplish your smile objectives. He’ll be able to answer all of your Invisalign queries. After that, based on the information you’ve gathered, you can draw your own conclusion on getting started. If you decide to begin Invisalign treatment, Dr. Kumar’s team will assist you in scheduling a FREE initial consultation to obtain a personalised Invisalign Treatment Plan, clarify details, confirm your special offer price, and discuss your financing options.



We’ll schedule a complete Smile Assessment for you at our clinic once you’ve decided to get started with Invisalign. We’ll examine your smile and confirm your eligibility for Invisalign treatment at that appointment to our dental clinic. Our 3D Invisalign Outcome Simulator will demonstrate how your new smile will look like after your treatment.



We will be able to communicate your smile assessment details to the Invisalign laboratory, where bespoke clear aligners will be manufactured, after digitally capturing your smile photos. Following that, you will receive the Invisalign aligners as well as a convenient carrying case. We’ll notify you when it’s time to replace your Invisalign clear aligners, and we’ll schedule regular checkups with you, either remotely via dental monitoring or in person at our clinic, to ensure that your teeth are straightening as desired.


COVID-19 patient safety protocols


Patient reviews…

Victoria F.

So happy with the results of my Invisalign and composite bonding from Dr Raghav Kumar. From the initial consultation until the end of my treatment, every person at the clinic was extremely informative, helpful and attentive. I was updated and sign posted throughout the full treatment and it was very affordable. The end result is far better than I would’ve ever expected. Definitely recommend. Thank you for giving me my perfect smile!

Scott L.

The whole procedure from start to finish has been faultless. I would definitely recommend coming here for anyone that is thinking of using Invisalign or teeth alignment in general. The results for myself have been absolutely amazing and definitely better than expected. The process itself was a clear and easy one to follow throughout and everything was briliantly explained. Would definitely recommend.

Mollie F.

I had Invisalign treatment and composite bonding, I was so self conscious of my teeth before and now I am over the moon. I feel like I can smile again! The whole team are so lovely and made me feel so comfortable. Thank you so much for my new smile I 100% recommended.

Lucy F.

Thank you so so much for giving me the perfect smile I’ve wanted for years! Invisalign is brilliant but also the whitening treatment Is excellent too and just finishes that perfect look. The staff are great, so professional and friendly which all adds to a great experience! Thank you so much.

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