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West Midlands’ dental sedation experts for worry-free dentistry

It is not uncommon to feel anxious about visiting the dentist. At Bhandal Dental Practice, we use modern dental sedation techniques to ensure a painless, comfortable and worry-free experience for our patients. Currently, our clinics in the West Midlands can provide two forms of sedation.

Relative analgesia (gas and air)

This method produces a relaxed and dreamlike state in the patient. Sedation is induced by breathing in a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide through a special nose piece. As this technique has a short recovery time, you can drive and return to work on the same day. Most popularly known as ‘laughing gas’, relative analgesia is safe, comfortable and suitable for children and adults alike.

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Intravenous sedation

When deeper sedation is required, a sedative drug is delivered directly into a vein in the arm or hand. Patients are able to talk, but will remember few details. Our skilled team will closely monitor the patient’s pulse and blood pressure throughout the procedure. Patients will need to have someone take them home and stay with them for the rest of the day.

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For more information on how our dental sedation techniques can help take the worry out of a trip to the dentist, contact our West Midlands team on 01384 411522