General Dentistry

NHS Fillings

General Dentistry NHS Fillings
Providing NHS fillings for patients throughout the West Midlands

Not only do we perform a wide range of cosmetic dental work here at Bhandal Dental Practice, we also offer a number of essential dental services to NHS patients throughout the West Midlands region.

Other dental services

Bhandal Dental Practice is one of the West Midland’s premier dental groups. We have established numerous dental clinics, making it easy to find a practice near that offers both private and NHS dental services. Our experienced dentists are equipped to carry out a wide range of painless dental procedures, including sedation, orthodontal care and emergency dentistry. We also provide a dedicated referral service to simplify the process of getting the specialist care you need as soon as possible.


Whether you want NHS treatment or private dental treatment, we strive to offer you quality dental care
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